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A Leading Light HR Professional

To date, I've spent more than 30 years in the Human Resources profession leading teams, building people and process capabilities, while driving strategies that aligned with business goals and growth. I have much to offer in the way of HR, and I can help you illuminate areas of focus and strategies that will light a pathway to success.

A Clear Vision

Through DMH Consulting, I'd like to become your preferred Human Resources consultant. One who champions your people and guides your processes to make a significant difference in your success. I believe when your business goals are in alignment with how you care for your people and cultivate your culture, that's where greatness exists. I'm here to illuminate that path.

A Mission to Serve

I have a background in serving others through the hospitality industry and non-profit sector. Given my passion for serving others, I will lead you and your team with the following mission in mind: 

  • Leverage strong knowledge and expertise in the HR profession
  • Engage in new and trending ideas
  • Align people assets with the vision and goals of the business
  • Deliver the best guidance for actions that provide the most impactful results

Why I Started DMH Consulting

After several years as a senior HR leader and influencer, I am excited to share my corporate and non-profit knowledge and experience in new ways. While I have the credentials and acumen to serve large companies, I have a particular interest in consulting with small and mid-size businesses whose leaders seek to align their people and processes with their most critical goals. My experience of working in all areas of HR as well as working with all levels of employees has provided me unique insights to understand the needs of your workforce. 

Regardless of the number of employees you have, all who engage with me can expect to find an experienced partner who brings new ideas, best practices, and guidance to illuminate a pathway to success.

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